Lorcana: ComicReaders Downtown: February 2024 Schedule

Started by Lareina, January 30, 2024, 10:19:43 AM

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Lorcana Schedule For February 2024

ComicReaders Downtown will be hosting two Lorcana events.

For the month of Februay, there will be a Casual format and a sealed format. Both events will be constructed play (bring your deck). Casual format will be sit down and play with 1 or many other opponents. Sealed format will be like the casual format but you get 6 packs of the new set and make a deck from that!

Each event is limited to 16 people.

Pre-registration is required to ensure your spot. This event is promoted on the Disney Lorcana Regina Page. All participants are encouraged to register in advance by signing up on melee.gg (links will be provided below). Please do not respond to this post to register for the event. Please do not assume you can walk into the store the day of the event to register. If you find that you cannot attend the event, you can unenroll on the melee.gg site, or contact ComicReaders Downtown to let them know you can no longer attend.

A list of registered players will not be included on SaskGames, but we will do our best to update the post when events are full.


Sunday, February 10th
Format: Casual constructed
Link: https://melee.gg/Tournament/View/57610
Entry Code: Lorcana0210
Start Time: 1:00 PM
End Time: 4:00 PM (approximately)
Entry Fee: $5

Sunday, February 25
Format: Sealed deck (Casual) Into the Inklands
Link: https://melee.gg/Tournament/View/57606
Entry Code: Lorcana0225
Start Time: 1:00 PM
End Time: 4:00 PM (approximately)
Entry Fee: $59.87 (taxes included)

For casual format days: participants' names will go into a draw for a chance to receive a pin or lore counter. The rest of the participants will receive the promo card that is listed with the event. Please note, a participant can only receive 1 item per event.

February 10th the promo card will be Minnie Mouse (Wide Eyed Diver)

February 25th the promo card will be Robin Hood

Any leftover promo cards, pins and lore counters will go towards a future event.

Non-medical masks will be voluntary for events at ComicReaders Downtown. We encourage people to make informed decisions and protect themselves and fellow players as regularly as possible. We won't be requiring people to leave behind contact info in case someone gets sick. We're going to leave those decisions to the players. We will revisit this policy should the change negatively impact event attendance or negatively impact the health of players participating in events. Related, you can now have drinks and snacks at events.