Dragon Ball Super Card Game: ComicReaders Downtown: March 2023 Schedule

Started by ChadBoudreau, March 08, 2023, 08:43:55 AM

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Dragon Ball Super Card Game Schedule For March 2023

ComicReaders Downtown will be hosting one Dragon Ball Super Card Game tournament this month.
This event is a constructed event, meaning players bring their own tournament legal decks.

Each event is limited to 20 people.

Pre-registration is required to ensure your spot. This event is promoted on the Dragon Ball Super Card Game Regina Facebook Group. All players MUST register using the Bandai TCG+ app. After registering using the app, you then need to either respond to the event listing on the Facebook group or call ComicReaders Downtown at (306) 779-0900. Do not respond to this post to register for the event. Do not assume you can walk into the store the day of the event to register.

A list of registered players will not be included on SaskGames, but we will do our best to update the post when events are full.


Sunday, March 19
Start Time: 12:00 PM
End Time: 4:00 PM (approximately)
Entry Fee: $5

Non-medical masks will be voluntary for events at ComicReaders Downtown. We encourage people to make informed decisions and protect themselves and fellow players as regularly as possible. We won't be requiring people to leave behind contact info in case someone gets sick. We're going to leave those decisions to the players. We will revisit this policy should the change negatively impact event attendance or negatively impact the health of players participating in events. Related, you can now have drinks and snacks at events.