Selling Memoir 44' Collection

Started by EvrazDrone, March 02, 2023, 05:21:52 PM

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You can find pictures on Varage Sale or Facebook Market Place.

Selling a collection of the minuature board game Memoir 44'. This was my dads and trying to figure out exactly what is in it. He also has some laiminated extra stuff, plus could be more expansions than I list here. Base game was played alot but the expansions are pretty much new.

Base board game
Air Pack mightier yet! (Very rare)
Eastern Front
Pacific Theater
Terrain Pack
Half Tracks
Tigers in the snow? (6 tanks)
Winter/desert maps
Operation Overlord maps?
Has a deck of extra cards, not sure from what expansion.

Selling as a lot only unless you make a very high offer for single expansions.

Pickup Regent Park area Regina.
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