Games for Sale (Regina) - *** NEW*** BUY ONE GET ONE FREE

Started by JRobot4, July 08, 2022, 11:55:45 AM

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All in excellent condition.  ***NEW - BUY ONE GET ONE FREE***  In Regina.

Funkoverse Strategy Game - DC Comics 100 and 101 (Batman with Robin Expandalone) (40)

Neuroshima Hex! 3.0 + Doomsday Machine + New York + Uranopolis (40)

Ninja All-Stars (KS Edition + Arashikage + Bakusho Mondai + Benkei + Clan Ijin + Clan Ika + Clan Kitsune + Clan Tanchyo + Clan Tora + Clan Yamazaru + Dark Kitsune + Hanzo + Howl & Yip + Inu Clan Kaiken + Kappa + Karura + Komuso + Mizaru + Mizuchi + mochizuki + Momotaro+ Moon Princess + Musashi + Ondori Clan Kaiken + Onibaba + Ryu + Sun Empire Wandering Samurai + Tengu + Uzumaki + Yagyu Jubei + Yobuko + Yokozuna) (Includes Giant Touranment Trophy) (100)

Ninja Dice (x2 + Kage Masters, Location Cards + Team Location Card Expansion) (15)

Quarantine + First Aid Expansion (20)

Salmon Run (20)

Strife: Legacy of the Eternals and Strife Shadows & Steam (can mix and match) (10)

Bix Conners

I will take Pitchcar Mini stuff and Dr. Microbe please
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Bix Conners

NEW ChewsDay Challenge Website -
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I'd be interested in:

Herbaceous Sprouts + Green Thumb Mini Expansion (15)
Takenoko + Chibis Expansion (40)
Zombie Dice + Double Feature + School Bus (5)


Ill take your starving artist. Fell free to message me on Facebook (jilly jam jam)



Hi J
I would take Taxi Derby and Imperial settlers roll write


Heya, I am interested in buying:

Game of Thrones: Hand of the King (5)

Tiny Epic Dinosaurs + Laboratory Mini Expansion + Playmat (30)

Tokaido + Matsuri + Crossroads + Metal Coins (40)

Will send a PM
My collection of board games:     Feel free to request something and I'll bring it out!


Can I get:
Bang! The dice game walking dead
My Lil scythe

Always open to trades, check out my collection