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Started by neptus1234, December 03, 2019, 12:35:15 PM

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I have just recently gotten into watching a lot of the new X-wing 2.0 tournaments, and it seems like a game that i can totally get into.  I just recently picked up the core set, and am wondering what and where there community for this may be?  I wouldn't mind getting things started again and see if we can get something going.


Created a discord server to possibly get things up and going as I don't have Facebook at all.



Looks like I have a pretty good start going here, there are currently 5 people in the discord, plus I have my youngest son wanting to play making 6.  Sounds like we also have 1 more friend of a person in the discord that is going to make the jump to 2.0.  This being said, would like to see more, as the more the merrier and perhaps we can get a league going in the new year.  Pop on the discord and we can all chat.


Happy to hear XWing is still going strong!


All is well, league is starting this coming weekend, February 2nd.  Anyone is welcome to stop in take a look and watch some games.  Always looking for more people.  We will be playing starting at noon Feb 2nd at 1620A McCara St.