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Marketplace / Wyrmspan Playmat
April 03, 2024, 12:33:12 PM
I got a bundle for Wyrmspan but didn't notice it only came with 1 player neoprene playmat. Not interested in buying more for all 5 players, so looking to sell the playmat for $15.

Hey guys, I'm setting up this section to discuss the different editions of Dungeons and Dragons and the differences between them. What you like about each one, what you don't. Which ones you've tried.

Feel free to chime in with your experiences!
Game Discussion / SaskGames Bulletin & Production Dates
January 23, 2015, 12:10:22 PM
SaskGames is VERY Pleased to announce the Bi-Monthly SaskGames Bulletin, a PDF Newsletter that will be emailed the middle of every second month. We hope to further build the community by keeping people informed about events and a variety of other game related topics.

This thread will be an information thread for the Newsletter. This publication was started in January 2014 and the issues are emailed to addresses in our mailer Database. We are excited with the quality and quantity of contributors who are joining this initiative.

Also, be sure to check your junk/spam folder and make sure to allow the following email addresses to send you gaming goodness via email:

As each new issue gets ready to roll out the door, we will post the previous issue as a download on this site so you have access to past issues. 

January 2014 - Download available
February 2014 Download available
March/April 2014 Download available
May 2014 - Download available
June 2014 - Download available
July 2014 - Download available
August 2014 - Download available
November/December 2014 - Download available
January/February 2015 - Download available
March/April 2015 - Download available
May/June 2015 - Download available
July/August 2015 - Download available
September/October 2015 - Download available
November/December 2015 - Download available
January/February 2016 - Download available
March/April 2016 - Download available
Summer Edition (May, June, July, Aug) 2016 - Download available
Winter Edition (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec) 2016 - Download available
January/February 2017 - Download available
March/April 2017 - Emailed to Subscribers.
May/June 2017 - Accepting Articles (Submit to

Feel free to post any questions or feedback in this thread. We want to hear from you!!!

Articles Due/Publication Date:
February 1stFebruary 15th
April 1stApril 15th
June 1stJune 15th
August 1stAugust 15th
October 1stOctober 15th
December 1stDecember 15th

Anyone is free to submit articles to the newsletter. Please send them to, in a text document or word document, and attach any pictures you would like published with your article.

King of Tokyo Tournament

Where: Prairie Game eXpo
When: Saturday June 28, 2014
Start: 5:00pm Sharp
Maximum Players: 24

There are 4 round stages in the tournament. They consist of:
- 2 Preliminary games
- 1 Semi-Final
- 1 Championship Game

Tournament Format

*6 tables of 4 players will play 2 games each. 2 of the 4 players from each table will move on to the second tier. (If the same person hits the win condition in both games, play will progress until another player hits the win condition, or only one other player is left in the game)

Those 12 players will go on to play a Semi-Final match - 4 tables of 3 players.

1 from each table moves on to the Championship match, for a final game of 4 players. The winner of the Championship match will get the grand prize!

Prizes  :excited

Every player that attends will receive a Promo Card Pack of 11 cards! The winner of the tournament will also receive the Limited Edition Promo character 'Space Penguin'!

*Based on a full tournament, structure may be altered based on participant count the day of.

Also, if anyone can help, I'll need a few extra copies of the game.
Game Discussion / Kickstarter Corner
January 31, 2014, 01:09:28 PM
Kickstarter Corner

Some of us are just crazy for Kickstarter, and some just don't even know what it is, so I'm making this thread to bring you the updates to the latest interesting or popular releases on the ever-growing crowd-sourcing platform. You can keep up to date and look into what is coming down the line, pledge yourself, or organize a group buy.
Use this thread to share some of the other KS projects that you are looking forward to as well!

Current Projects


Funding Goal
Stretch Goals
Project Page
(Game Name)
    by (Company)

*Only stretch goals that add value to the game over what one would get in the retail version of the game will have a 'yes' in the stretch goal column.

Active Bulk Buys
None at the moment.

Completed Bulk Buys
None at the moment.