SaskGames Closing ... and moving forward

Started by Allan Luesink, January 09, 2023, 06:28:25 PM

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Allan Luesink

Hey everyone,

It's sad to hear the news of SaskGames Forums closing down. This site has been a touchstone of the gaming community for the past dozen years and has been fantastic for getting the word out of what's happening and connecting people. Thank you to the all the people who have contributed in making this site a success.

But this is life and nothing lasts forever - and that's OK (i.e. RIP Strategy Saturday). But with this great site going away, I'm not sure of all the ways I'll look to get the word out about upcoming Feature Fridays. But to start with I will be relying on emails and word-of-mouth. So I have a new email account for the games night:

Email me if you'd like to be kept informed (even if you don't know when you might be able to make it) of the Feature Friday games night and I'll add you to the new contact list I'm compiling.

Also feel free to share this email with any acquaintance that you have that may be interested in coming out.

Hope to see you at gaming,