Games for Sale. Regina *Reduced*

Started by EvrazDrone, February 27, 2022, 04:57:39 AM

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For sale only, no trades. Regina Regent Park area. Trying to get everyone to pickup on Feb 4th anytime after 5pm. Will wheel and deal the more you buy. If you have Varagesale, search "Adam Sanheim" for listings. Will have pictures

Farm Managment 1962. Box rough shape, tons of pieces. Assume incomplete. $20
Lord of the Rings Risk $35
New World Carcassone $30
Settlers of Catan *ALL GERMAN* $30
The Resistance + 2 expansions. Still new in shrink $40
Babylon CCG x3 starters. About 180 cards I assume. $10
Iliad $10
Carcassone with River expansion (missing 2 tiles and some meeples replaced with sorry pieces) $10
MacArthur 1974 $30
Air Assault on Crete (missing atleast 5 pieces and box banged up)
Settlers of Catan card game *ALL GERMAN** $20
Prefect Renegade Legion $30
Kriegspiel 1970 (missing 2 tokens) $30
En Garde! 3 player cheese $25
Master Labyrinth 1994 (non original printed rules) $25
Robber Knights $10
Risk 2003 (non original printed rules) $25
Hotels (rough box, missing 8 entrances and yellow car) $50
"An unending sea of claw and chiton and teeth; every part of the whole perfectly coordinated to fulfill its one purpose; the end of all life."