Executive Election Procedures - How to become a SaskGames Executive Member

Started by bboileau, January 28, 2018, 12:25:33 PM

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Fostering the experience and willingness to volunteer at a higher level in the SaskGames Organization, active Leadership and Members who have volunteered for a year or more are eligible for election to the Executive.

Election to the Executive will start with a Nomination Process at the Annual SaskGames Volunteer Meeting held in February. After discussing the shift of existing Executive Members to new positions or the retirement of Executive Members, the Executive will identify any Member-at-Large positions open for nomination. The Executive must always fill it's nominal positions—President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary—but depending on demand, there can be 1-3 Members-at-Large.

A volunteer member can nominate themselves or be nominated by another Executive/Leadership/Volunteer Member, then their nomination must be seconded by another Executive/Leadership/Volunteer Member. If the number of nominations are met by an equal number of open Member-at-Large positions, the nominees move into those positions without a Vote. If the nominees total greater than the number of open Member-at-Large positions, the nominations must move to a vote.

Newly appointed Members-at-Large move into a 1 year term.

At each year's Annual SaskGames Volunteer Meeting, the Executive will discuss role shifts within the Executive and any retirements. Firstly, should the role of President be vacant or the role is challenged, an Executive Member with the role of Secretary, Treasurer, or Vice-President may move into this role based on an internal Executive agreement or vote if contested. Secondly, starting with the most senior Member-at-Large, if there is a vacancy in either the Secretary, Treasurer, or Vice-President roles or a role is challenged, they may move into those roles based on an internal Executive agreement or vote if contested. Should the senior-most Member at Large not desire a move into a nominal Executive role, that option will fall to each other Member-at-Large in order of hierarchy until all nominal roles are filled. Finally, any Executive Member-at-Large who has not taken a nominal Executive role and has been on the Executive as a Member-at-Large for 3 years must step down from the Executive to make way for new nominations if there are nominations from the volunteer base that contest their position on the Executive. Any Executive Member-at-Large who has not taken a nominal Executive role and has served on the Executive for under 3 years may continue to hold the role of a Member-at-Large if there is no contest.

Any Executive Member at any time can choose to retire from their role and it is the responsibility of the Executive to fill that role from the existing Executive or to open nominations to Leadership/HVolunteer Members.

As part of internal Executive discussions, contested nominations of existing Executive Members to another position within the Executive will be handled via Executive discussion or vote. A nominal Executive Member may hold their Executive positions for 2 years before a reaffirmation of intent to continue serving or vote is required to maintain their position.

In extreme circumstances, a voting majority may vote out another Executive Member due to inappropriate behaviour or offensive behaviour.

After election to the Executive, the new member will attend one (1) Executive Meeting as an introduction to Executive procedures and the Executive area of the SaskGames site before being given access to the Executive area.

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