Strategy Saturday - Argyle Road Baptist Church - Saturday, March 14, 2020

Started by Allan Luesink, March 09, 2020, 08:39:35 AM

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Allan Luesink

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well. Sorry for a bit of a later notice but Strategy Saturday will be this weekend.

Our Feature Game will be Automobiles. Players see build a customized race car and assemble the best race crew. The race car and crew are represented by a collection of cubes garnered from various options that are available. Starting with the same small set of cubes, each player builds their collection as they play the game. Use these cubes to enhance your performance, train your pit crew, and ensure your race car runs as effectively as possible. Be the first to cross the finish line and watch that checkered flag wave! Check out it's listing on BoardGameGeek website:

!!!If you have a game you'd like to play and draw some attention to, feel free to volunteer for future Feature Game slots. Just drop me a note and I'll see if we can't get your game in the spotlight.

Strategy Saturday will be at Argyle Road Baptist Church (3510 Argyle Rd) from 7pm to midnight.  As usual we'll have our snack counter open so feel free to contribute a drink or something to munch on.  And feel free to bring along friends (and to forward this invite).

Hope you'll be there,


Allan Luesink

Strategy Saturday - still on (at the moment)

Hi everyone,

With the COVID-19 concerns, I want to confirm that as of now Strategy Saturday is still planning to go ahead tomorrow.

So far Saskatchewan has been virtually untouched with only one confirmed case. This case is located in Saskatoon and the person had recently returned from Egypt. The risk is very low at the moment; but I can understand people's concern - no one knows if it will remain so. Next month, the situation could be completely different. But at the moment it would seem that a night spent playing games with a few friends is no more risky than going to the grocery store to purchase those all incredible rolls of toilet paper (which I did do ;)).

But watch this thread. I will once again confirm tomorrow after lunch whether or not we will go ahead.

Hoping for the best,

Allan Luesink

Moving Forward....

Hi all,

Thought about whether or not to cancel Strategy Saturday all night (while working and listening to CJME). I've decided to go ahead with the evening tonight. The authorities are concerned about large gatherings (250+) and people who have traveled out of province. We will not be a large gathering and as such I feel our risk is no more than going to the store for groceries or supplies.

That said if you've recently returned from being out-of-province I'll ask that you consider skipping tonight. For those that do end up coming, when you come downstairs take a detour to the washroom first and give your hands a good wash. Also we will not have the shared snack counter open. If you want to have a drink or munchie, we'll keep it to personal servings (e.g. a can of pop).

Hope your able to come,