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Started by Lareina, January 07, 2020, 02:47:23 PM

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Anthony Richardson


Anyone else able to make it down to Comic readers on Saturday the 1st. Im playing a game at 1pm but I'd be down for one before ?  Any takers?


I'll throw my hat into the mix

Jon B
Death Guard

Anyone around tonight or tomorrow morning or early afternoon for a game?


Anyone free for a game tomorrow during the day(Friday) I can host.



I see they are having some difficulty with our thread but on the off chance anyone is up for it I am interested in hosting a game tonight or tomorrow night to round off month one. 

For the Emperor!


I'll finish up with all the admin work for month 1 in a couple days, I'm super busy this weekend.

So feel free to play games and I'll apply any bonuses that may happen afterwards :)

I've increased my game output by 300% this year!  :lol


Finally had an opportunity to sit down and work on all the results! Here are this month's rivals, Specters of Deaths, and the draw winners for this month!

Month 2 Rivals
Eddie F vs Kyle U
Anthony R vs Ryan E
Dave J vs Lareina C
Casey S vs Chris G
Adam S vs Mark D      
Chris S vs Mike R
Colin L vs Jon B
Drake C vs Mark R

If a new player joins, then they will be rivals with Maeson L

Specters of Death from Month 1 (bonus point for beating the following players)
Chris G
Mark D

Month 1 Draw Winners
Colin L
Mark R
Mike R

Please note, the prizes are not available until Tuesday Feb 25th when I'm at the store, sorry for the inconvenience!

Top 8 after Month 1

  • Kyle U - 40
  • Dave J - 27
  • Mark R - 25
  • Drake C - 21
  • Casey S - 20
  • Adam S - 19
  • Mark D - 18
  • Colin L - 13


Anyone looking for a game this Thursday night let me know! Text or email.