RFBBL (Regina Flatland Blood Bowl League) Season VIII - '20 Season

Started by celticgriffon, January 28, 2020, 09:55:05 AM

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It is that time of the year to get excited for Blood Bowl.  This will be our 8th formal season.

Come one come all.  Make a team.  Make it tough.  Or don't.  Winning is important.  Survival is as well. 

Entry Cost for the Season

  •    $15.00 per coach (this pays for our annual website registration; any extra costs go towards year end and/or our All-Star game)

Team Building

  •    All coaches will need to create a brand new team for the 2520 Season.
       $1 000 000 team.
       Each team needs 11 players minimum on the starting roster.
       All other normal team building rules apply.
       All teams will be built on our website as normal. www.reginaflatland.bloodbowlleague.com
       LRB 6.0 rules in effect with some current Games Workshop rulebook adjustments (i.e. I have a copy of GW Rules, Death Zone 1 and 2, Blood Bowl Almanac 2018 and 2019).


  •    No experience required.  If you have never played we can teach you the game.
       Each coach should bring suitable figures to represent their players and a set of Blood Bowl dice as well.
       We would prefer Blood Bowl figures from Games Workshop or any similar manufacturer.

League Format

  • Each team will play each other team once in the regular season.
       If we have enough players we may need to sub divide the league into two divisions
       This year we will be moving to a fixed schedule game format.
       This is different to previous years where we had a free form league format
       Two regular season games will be uploaded every three weeks.  If all players have completed their matches prior to the deadline we will immediately input the next batch of games.
       Matches for all regular season games will be drawn at random.
       Top eight teams (calculated by points / 5 for a win, 2 for a tie, 1 for a loss) will enter the playoffs.

Any questions – please reach out.  If you would like to join I will need a reply (send to me only) on or before end of Sunday, Feb 2.

Feel free to pass this onto anyone who might be interested!

Michael Becker (Da Big Green 'Un)
RFBBL (Regina Flatland Blood Bowl League Comm.)
(306) 591-7601 (call or text)
I wonder if you could be anyone would you be yourself? - yup it's mine..