Blood Bowl Pre-Season mini event / 2520 Regina Flatland Cripple Cup

Started by celticgriffon, January 06, 2020, 10:57:12 AM

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2520 Regina Flatland Cripple Cup – A battle of attrition mini-tournament

It is that time of the year to get excited for Blood Bowl. 

Come one come all.  The dregs of Regina are invited to another Flatland Pre-Season event – the 2520 Cripple Cup. 

Make a team.  Make it tough.  Or don't.  Winning is important.  Survival is as well.  No cash is awarded after your games.  Meh - this isn't the big leagues.  No dumb Journeymen.  No dumb Apothecaries or even dumber Necromancers.  Injuries are permanent.  Single elimination begins after the first game...

Entry Cost and Deadline
•   $5.00 / each coach can enter one team
•   End of day / Sunday, January 12

Team Building
•   $1 150 000 team.
•   Each team needs 11 players minimum.
•   No Apothecary or Necromancer.
•   No Star Players.
•   No Igor.
•   Any team may hire up to 1 permanent Bloodweiser Babe for 100K.
•   Any team may hire a single wizard for 200k.
•   Any team may hire any number of cheerleaders or coaches for 10k each.
•   Halfling Master Chef is 200k for Halfling teams.  It cannot be hired by other teams.
•   Goblin teams may purchase up to 1 permanent Bribe for 100K.
•   All other normal team building rules apply.
•   All teams will be built on our website as normal.

End Game Sequence Adjustments
All games must have a winner.  Ties are not allowed.  All matches will use RFBBL house rules for OT play.

•   No money is generated after any game. 
•   Fan factor is awarded as normal. 
•   One MVP is awarded at random to each team. 
•   SPP's are awarded as normal. 
•   Skills may be purchased using the online system.
•   You may not hire any Journeymen to replace missing players prior to any match.

If you qualify for an inducement during your next game you may buy a single Special Play Card drawn at random from a deck in which you would qualify for. 
No other inducements are allowed.

Tournament Games
Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 2 games.

After the first game all winners go into the winner bracket.  After the first game all losers go into the loser bracket.

Each game after the first game is single elimination.  You lose the match and you are out.  Matches for all games will be drawn at random.

The winner of the winner bracket will play the winner of the loser bracket in the final.  The team in the winning bracket gets to choose who will kick or receive.  They will also get to choose to kick or receive if the game goes into overtime. 

The winner of the final match will get paid entry to the 2520 RFBBL Regular Season.  The entry helps us cover our annual website costs.  This is usually an equivalent of $20.00 CDN.

Any questions – please reach out.

Michael Becker
RFBBL (Regina Flatland Blood Bowl League Comm.)
(306) 591-7601 (call or text)
I wonder if you could be anyone would you be yourself? - yup it's mine..


Hi everyone,

A few clarifications:

1. A coach will create a new team specific to this event using the build restrictions in the prev post.
2. The Cripple Cup mini league will be played over the next month or thereabouts.
3. We may start the 2520 Regular Season simultaneously pending how quickly the matches are played for the Cripple Cup.
4. Further discussion regarding Regular Season teams will happen shortly.

I wonder if you could be anyone would you be yourself? - yup it's mine..


Just a quick reminder - deadline for your team entry is end of day Sunday, Jan 12.  Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

I wonder if you could be anyone would you be yourself? - yup it's mine..