MTG: Thinking about playing again

Started by Manni, April 04, 2019, 09:28:41 PM

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Man, its been a bit since i played MTG some of the older guys may remember me (if they still play) but I am looking to want to get back in. Now I am way too rusty for competitive magic myself and don't have the cards for standard yet. So I was wondering there are any groups of magic players out there (in Regina) in late 20's and later in age that play casually (i remember most formats) or need a person to help with construction and testing. Basically some people who just want to have some fun with magic! let me know! I will be stopping by the store now and then to check out hows things have changed so if I see you there say hi!


I'd recommend coming to ComicReaders Downtown on Friday night (6pm - 9pm) or Sunday (12m - 5pm) to meet the MTG community during a Magic event. Even if you're playing casually or re-learning the ropes it would be a good way to meet active players, some of whom I feel fairly certain would be more than willing to show you the ropes.