Galactic Payload

Started by Yetter, May 11, 2017, 01:29:59 PM

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I've been working on this game for close to a year now, I've just received the near final prototype and want to get as many people to play it as possible.  I'm planning on bringing it out to Boston Pizza and Beer Bros as often as possible over the next few months and will get out to Dragon's Den so you'll see me posting on that forum. 

Quick Breakdown:
The objective of the game is to colonize your own home planet.  Each of the four planets produce a different resource: water, oxygen, food or ore.  Your mission is to bring back all of the resources your planet doesn't resource.  You do this by trading the resources your planet produces with trading outposts around asteroids around the game board.  The board is broken into 6 different sectors and the trade conditions in those sectors change every turn.   You may also build mining outpost around these asteroids and produce extra resources every turn.  Through out the game you may upgrade your ship to move further across the board and defend yourself from pirates and other players.  First player to bring back 6 units of each resource they do not produce wins the game. 

see full rules attached and pic attached

I hope a few of you are willing to give a try and I'll see you on game night.


Welcome! Glad to have you aboard! I sent you an email about our local Regina game design group, and I am looking forward to trying your game.
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