Prairie Game eXpo - Core Ritchie Centre - Saturday, May 28th, 2016 (9am) FREE!

Started by Dana_Tillusz, February 03, 2016, 11:55:27 AM

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Bryce Robinson

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What about Le Havre? I guess it's a "Havre not" this time around. :) (I can bring my copy along just in case.) Also, don't forget Bohnanza and Patchwork for lighter fare in between all of those heavies!

We're just bringing the ones we have right now.  Collection isn't full quite yet ;)

I'll bring patchwork.
I take requests. See my collection here.

Ian McKechnie


More Give Aways!!! The following will be given out randomly to attendees:

Agricola mugs (Donated by Mayfair)*4
Spielbox Magazine 1/16 (Donated by Spielbox) *3

Also, Catan Tournament winner will also receive Catan dangly dice!

The winner of the Pick-omino early bird draw will also win a XL T-Shirt!


We need 1 more Catan base game if we hit our 24 player maximum. We have 5 copies supplied by ComicReaders *2, Brad, Hoopy, and Jen. Please let me know if you can bring a copy!

Tyler Hutchinson

Unfortunately the infinity game will have to be postponed till 11:15.
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Thanks to the following people won the door prizes:

Early Bird Draw (Pickonimo): Cordawg

Attendance / Game Running Draw (Nuns on the Run): MrtheJud

Games will be available for pick up at the South ComicReaders location Tuesday May 31, 2016! Congratulations!


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A big thanks to everyone who attended our 8th PGX and those who chipped in to make PGX a success!

Special thanks to the following volunteers: Brent, Davey, Jud, Chris S., Lareina, Chris M., Murray, Bryce, Melvin (& Pathfinder Society crew), Breton, Felix, Janessa, Thomas, & Darrin!! And everyone who helped with set-up and teardown!

A big thank you to Pro AV for providing our Audio Visual equipment & Street Culture Project for running the canteen!

Thanks to Mayfair Games and Spielbox Magazine for the swag!

PGX wouldn't have been possible without the hard work of the PGX planning committee and SaskGames executive: Brad, Chad, & Jason. Thanks guys!


Prairie Game Expo Recap

Image by: Mikko Saari (msaari) on BoardGameGeek


GAMES PLAYED: Patchwork, Kemet, Caverna, Ticket to Ride (Regular), Isle of Skye, Boss Monster, Catan, Infinity, Elk Fest, Make 'N Break, Splendor, Animal Upon Animal, King of Tokyo, Tumbling' Dice, Smash Up, Warmachine, Warhammer 40K, Hamsterolle, Machi Koro, Fleet, Ora et Labora, A Distant Plain, Valeria, All Creatures Big & Small, Grizzled, Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, Affen Tennis, Star Wars Rebellion, Uchronia, Bounce Off, Takenoko, Glass Road, Evolution, Super Motherload, The Game, Tokaido, Akaba, Swinging Jivecat Voodoo Lounge, Star Wars Imperial Assault, Zombie Dice, Coconuts, Steam Torpedo, Hanabi, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Arboretum, Robinson Crusoe, Pathfinder, Team Yankee, Tumble!, Master Thieves, Tsuro, Super Dungeon Explore, Bamboleo, Fuse, Dungeon Lords, Bus, Libertalia, Keltis, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Police Precinct, Death Angel, Bonanza, Mysterium, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong & more! (Please let us know what you played that I missed recording!)

(1) 122 attendees! Thanks for showing up!!!! Not bad for a May weekend!
(2) Big thanks to anyone who taught games at Prairie Game Expo-- whether you were an official Prairie Game Expo Ambassador or an attendee kind enough to invite people to your table.
(3) It was good to see so many families and young gamers in attendance!

Also, if you have any thoughts or feedback about these events, send an email to