Help with university project wanted!

Started by Testdrone33, July 17, 2016, 01:54:38 AM

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I am taking currently in my third year of business admin classes at the university, and my next project is a create a business plan along with market research. Since I know gaming the best I would like to invite the greater gaming community to partake in a quick survey. To do so, just send me a PM and I will send you the survey to fill out and send back. Anyone who participates will help me greatly with my project. Please consider taking part.

If this is not the correct location for this - I apologize and request the mods to move it to the correct spot.


Bix Conners

I will assist. Pm me the link to the survey.
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I will help out as well. PM me the link.


Let me know if you want to me to bring out a specific game: Game List


I've sent out the first group of the survey. Thanks to those who responded. Just fill it out and send back via pm please and thanks!