Chewsday Challenge - North Albert Boston Pizza - September 2, 2014 (18:00)

Started by Dana_Tillusz, July 09, 2014, 11:09:08 PM

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Just made it back home from P.A. a few hours ago. Not registered for any games yet but plan to be at CC by mid-evening.


I'd like to play tonight, but I have a work deadline.  Next game.
Have fun, play games!


Unfortunately Jason has come down sick, he won't be able to make it for Legendary Encounter's and I'm not sure I'll be able to make it myself unless I can find another ride down there.  Probably best to take us both off the list

Mark M


I'm going to be late tonight.  When are the draws done? I don't want to miss them.


Marc Bendig

Game Night Recap

Image by: Mikko Saari (msaari) on BoardGameGeek


Games Played:King's Forge, Legendary Encounters, Suburbia, Mage Wars, Shadows Over Camelot, Stone Age, 8 Minute Empire, Race for the Galaxy, Lord$ of Vega$, Room 25, Dungeons & Dragons, Dead of Winter, Hanabi, Ticket to Ride: Nordic, Settlers of Catan.


-Draw night! The Comicreaders draw and game teacher draw both went to incredibly lucky Bryce Robinson, and the huge $105 Boston Pizza prize was won by Lori Mckenzie.
- The next Prairie Game Expo is set for September 20, 2014. Core Ritchie Community Centre. 9am - 9pm.
- 24 Hours to Play With Your Food registration closes in 1 week.


I'm sorry I couldn't make it this night, but if Jason decides to run 1E AD&D again I'd love to play.  (A campaign might even be more fun... I haven't played 1E in ages.)

2E is fun too :)
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