King of Tokyo Tournament - Prairie Game eXpo - Saturday, June 28, 2014 (17:00)

Started by NeikeDjour, June 18, 2014, 12:24:09 PM

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King of Tokyo Tournament

Where: Prairie Game eXpo
When: Saturday June 28, 2014
Start: 5:00pm Sharp
Maximum Players: 24

There are 4 round stages in the tournament. They consist of:
- 2 Preliminary games
- 1 Semi-Final
- 1 Championship Game

Tournament Format

*6 tables of 4 players will play 2 games each. 2 of the 4 players from each table will move on to the second tier. (If the same person hits the win condition in both games, play will progress until another player hits the win condition, or only one other player is left in the game)

Those 12 players will go on to play a Semi-Final match - 4 tables of 3 players.

1 from each table moves on to the Championship match, for a final game of 4 players. The winner of the Championship match will get the grand prize!

Prizes  :excited

Every player that attends will receive a Promo Card Pack of 11 cards! The winner of the tournament will also receive the Limited Edition Promo character 'Space Penguin'!

*Based on a full tournament, structure may be altered based on participant count the day of.

Also, if anyone can help, I'll need a few extra copies of the game.
Let me know if you want to me to bring out a specific game: Game List




Thanks for running the King of Tokyo tournament, Nik!

For the record:

Quote from: NeikeDjour on June 29, 2014, 11:24:16 AM
Thanks everyone for coming out to the King of Tokyo tournament, I hope you all had a good time.
We had a full attendance of 24 people.

The final table was Damien, Blake, Riley and Tessa, and Tessa was the winner of the tournament, her first time playing the game! Congrats!