Warhammer Fantasy Escalation League Tournament: ComicReaders Downtown: Oct. 20

Started by Lareina, September 30, 2013, 10:35:55 AM

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ComicReaders' Downtown Warhammer Fantasy Escalation League - Season 2 - 2500 Point Tournament



A 2500 point tournament to end Season 2 of the ComicReaders Downtown Warhammer Fantasy Escalation League. The top 8 players from the Escalation League use the knowledge they have obtained during the escalation months to create a strong army to fight other armies and hopefully come away victorious!

Sunday, October 20, 2013 @ 10am - 8:00pm

ComicReaders Downtown will open for Tournament players at 9:45am on Sunday. (Store opens to the public at 12pm.) We anticipate the Tournament ending around 8:00 pm. The store will close to the public at 5pm.


Players are required to have at least 2 copies of their roster on hand. A copy of the roster needs to be submitted to the store at the beginning of the tournament, any discrepancies in the list and what is fielded will result in disqualification from prizes. Players are recommended to have a copy of their FAQ on hand in case army specific questions are asked by the opponent.

Games will promptly start at 10:00am. Each round of play will be a maximum of 3 hours (shorter if everyone is done playing their game), if the game is not finished, it will end on the closest full game turn, and the game will be decided by what is dictated in the book.

First round of play will be Blood and Glory, starting at 10:00am

Second round of play will be Battleline, starting at the latest 1:30pm

Third round of play will be Battle for the Pass, starting at the latest 5:00pm

Terrain will be pre set-up, with only Forests counting as Magical terrain.

There will be 4 different categories for prizes. Please note that players cannot win multiple prizes. Players receive $50 of Games Workshop product (restrictions will be applied and explained to winners)

Best Score
The player that comes out as the winner in tournament play.

Great Gamer
Best sporting player as rated by fellow players.

Best General
Best combined result of Best Score and Great Gamer.

Best Army
Best looking army, either excellently painted, converted or have a great theme, as voted by fellow players (and possibly the public).

ComicReaders' Warhammer Fantasy Top 8 Escalation League Season 2 Members.
There will be no spots opened to outside players.

This League would not be possible without the dedication of ComicReaders' staff.

Some of these conditions may be subject to change.


Special Tournament Rules as of Sept 30th:


  • Mages MAY NOT change Lores from battle to battle
  • A player's Armylist must indicate which Lore is being used by which Mage
  • If a player has a Mage that can choose between 2 Lores, they must indicate on the Armylist how many spells they will be taking from each Lore (this number cannot be changed)


  • The player will only be required to hand in a roster to the store at the beginning of the tournament
  • Players do not need to show an opponent their roster before the game, but may show them the roster after the game
  • Players are recommended to have their FAQs on hand


  • Special characters are allowed


One of the scenarios that we are playing is Blood and Glory!  This is my favorite.  Just wanted to remind everyone that a 2500pt starting army will have a breaking fortitude of 3.  Thus your army will need at least a general and two standards to start the battle.  Chris, I hope each of your zombie units can take a standard! 


Yup they can.  I'm also probably going to have to throw a BSB banner somewhere even though I don't have to take leadership for anything... I guess my frenzy checks for the vargheists?  And it'll potentially lower crumble results by 1 each time... might end up being worth the 25 points for at least 1/3 games? 

Looking forward to the tournament!  I'm curious to see if having all the flying things will help or hinder me on Battle for the Pass.  Also really hoping to have at least my centerpieces painted before then.  Something tells me I won't finish the 20-40 ghouls though...


I am glad to hear that your painting like a mad man.  I am in a rush right now but I will have to update you on my efforts... lets just say that steam Tank got a bit of an overhaul.


Quote from: RobertP on October 04, 2013, 11:27:35 PM
... lets just say that steam Tank got a bit of an overhaul.

You put its wheel back on!?   :neener

I'm quite certain I won't be anywhere near done painting everything, but I'm really hoping I'll have time to finish my lord at least.  Looking forward to seeing everyone's armies on the 20th.  Best painted is always a tough decision.

Prince of Arnheim

I just finished putting my snow flock on all my Skaven last night, actually I did it all in one night *phew*

That being said I am now stuck with deciding my next army to paint, I have Dwarfs already built, and they are getting a new book early next year so it will likely be them, and that way I can have them ready for the next escalation league.

See you all at the tournament!


The story of the steam tank:  So this beast is metal and has had a poor paint job.  I had bought it second hand from an former Regina player that had stopped playing many years ago.  As I used it during the league, pieces started to come off.  Most notable the wheel, that I would place beside the tank.  The tank also lost a number of decoration type bitz over the 3 months.  So last week I decided to put this thing back together and paint it.  As I did so piece after piece fell apart.  Over the course of that night, nearly everything fell apart as I discovered to my dismay that the steam tank is at least 20 pieces!  As I tried to put this back together I glued, greenstuffed and painted.  I would say that the tank is about 50% done right now.  NOW this is all really funny fluff wise because in the Empire this happens all the time.  There is only 8 steam tanks (originally 12).  Fluff wise, the master engineer that thought up this contraption has died and other engineers can not make any new steam tanks.  Thus, if the steam tank blows itself up (likely   :( ) or is destroyed in a combat (unlikely  :excited ) all the pieces of the tank are sought and the tank is meticulously put back together.   

Prince of Arnheim

You could always strip your tank(since it is metal :o) by using the common nail polish remover Cutex. I actually did that to my old Cold Ones and had great results by soaking them a couple days then scrubbing the $&@"&$ out of them with an old toothbrush.


I did the same thing to my old Eldar blobs that I painted horrendously back in elementary school.  Except I used Castrol engine degreaser I believe?  It's in a purple jug at Canadian Tire for pretty cheap.  After soaking for a day or two the paint practically slid right off when I scrubbed them with a toothbrush.  Works on plastic or metal and took varnish off as well as my thick paint job - doesn't eat the glue either!  Just make sure you wear gloves!

Rob - you'd think if they knew how to put one back together after it exploded that they'd be able to reverse-engineer it and make a new one... since it explodes anyway they can't be worried about taking it apart and not being able to re-build it.  Maybe some specific parts don't explode that they don't know how to make?  :confused  Cool story anyway!