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The marketplace section of the forums is a place for members to post threads...
...advertising used games they wish to sell
...items they are looking to buy
...items they are looking to trade
...and information about bulk orders they are placing to see if others wish to join in the order.

Rules for this section:
(1) Store owners and operators may not use the marketplace to advertise items. We wish to minimize any potential store rivalry and want to keep all product pricing posts off of this site.

(2) If you are placing a bulk order at an online game store or other site, please do not post prices or price related items. We wish to support our local game stores as much as possible and posting online prices or engaging in other posts that highlight any pricing differences only serves to alienate the stores that support our hobby at a local level. Ideally, bulk order solicitation would be used for items that are not commercially available through our network of local stores. Please use good judgment.

(3) Be informative with your subject line. Start the subject with one of the following:
Follow that up with the name of the game your item is part of if applicable. This will make it easier to find Warhammer, Magic, and other items in the marketplace.

(4) Please indicate which city you are in (or are close to) if you are posting something that you want to buy/sell/trade.
(5) Items will be moved into archive section after 6 months with no posts or replies.