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This site is in place to grow the hobby. Games of all varieties are a great social activity to share with family and friends. It is imperative that we support our local game stores and show respect. This section of the forums is to give the stores an opportunity to share information about their location, types of products they sell, contact information and store hours.

Be respectful of all stores. This forum is not an appropriate medium to air grievances or other issues you may have with a store or their policies.

This site is in place to give you a place to provide information about your store and product line. There is not to be any postings or information that contain pricing information or negative commentary about your competition. There is lots of business to go around. Let's present a professional image to those who may stumble upon our site and get involved in our hobby.

If you notice that there is a game store located in Saskatchewan that is not in the directory, let us know. We will work with them to get them set up in the directory. Ultimately, we want every store to be represented in the directory, but we respect that some stores may not wish to be included.