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Welcome to the home of League information on SaskGames. We hope that by having a dedicated section, Leagues will be able to gain visibility and growth. Here are some tips to help maximize your league.

(1) Each League should have a League Information Thread. That thread contain all of the information about the structure of the league:
...What game is involved?
...What are the specific league rules?
...What is the points structure for league games?
...What entry fees (if any) are involved?
...What prizes (if any) will be given out?
...Where are league games held?
...When does the league start and finish?
...When are league games played?
...Who is in the league?
...How does somebody get involved in the league?
...League standings and reporting structure.
...Any other pertinent information.

(2) Additionally, each league should have a discussion thread that is separate from the league structure and reporting. That helps contain the discussion in one area and also keeps the league information thread clean and focused.

(3) Once a league has finished the related threads should be moved into the League Archive Area. That way, the main area is focused on current leagues and reporting.

(4) In addition to leagues, this area can be home to challenge ladders for such games as Tichu, Twilight Imperium, Flames of War, etc.

Check out the League Section Here
Any questions? Just ask an admin...