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I thought you were eager to play since you got your crappy rolls out of the way last night at Summoner Wars, (and still beat me).
Are you coming down for this?
Open gaming.

A few of us don't attend very often as we like to pre-plan events. It is mostly open gaming with nothing pre-arranged. I was hoping to get some stuff pre-scheduled.
Hey Gamers:

I am thinking about going to Games Day this Saturday but, I would prefer to pre-arrange a game or two before I commit. Anyone else going? Anything that people are interested in that takes a bit longer that we cannot get in our our regular Monday & Tuesday night events such as Runewars? Two Player Abstracts perhaps?

Post here and let me know...
Thanks for the evening!

I got to play two games of Arcana, a game of Wasabi, and a game of Infinite City.
I am going to see if I can arrange my schedule to attend this. Who esle is planning on going to this? I would like to pre-arrange a game (or two).