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I am showing up just for the food.  :D :lol ::)
I'd like to sign up for the 40K tourney.
Thanks Dana, in a case of rare coincidence the fantasy group is already having a special event on the 25th at the frag games day. I think the idea of there being a quarterly tournament event for people to look forward to is much needed in this city as there are never tournaments going on. If the event had prize support from Comicreaders there would surely be a good turn out! Hopefully something can be organized for next time.
Any chance of there being a Warhammer Fantasy tournament at this event?
Would be cool to see the painting and sportsman votes too....unless....that must be kept secret :o
I think it would be cool to see all the standings from the tournament so everyone can see how they did....
You could always strip your tank(since it is metal :o) by using the common nail polish remover Cutex. I actually did that to my old Cold Ones and had great results by soaking them a couple days then scrubbing the $&@"&$ out of them with an old toothbrush.
I just finished putting my snow flock on all my Skaven last night, actually I did it all in one night *phew*

That being said I am now stuck with deciding my next army to paint, I have Dwarfs already built, and they are getting a new book early next year so it will likely be them, and that way I can have them ready for the next escalation league.

See you all at the tournament!
Funny I heard that Eldar are next month, and that they are not getting a bunch of new plastic kits, just Wraithguard and a new tank.
Rumours of WAR and APOCALYPSE are stirring in the masses!!! Watch out for the Warhammer players! WE are gathering!