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Messages - Prince of Arnheim

As the title says, looking for 9th Age fantasy players in Regina. I have Dwarven Holds and Dread Elves, 5000 points of each.
I am looking for those rare characters that still like to play Warhammer 8th. Is there any of you out there that would be interested in a league or just games for fun?
anyone ever play Catan at the Chewsday event?
I would like to sign up for the 2000 point 40k tournament! Let's get a good turn out this time!


I'd like to alternatively sign up for the 40k tournament instead.
Would anyone like to give me a rundown of how to play Magic with my two starter sets that Chad generously gave me sometime? I am looking at getting into this game!
Is the Warhammer  tournament going to be 8th edition or Age of Sigmar?
I'd like to sign up for the Warhammer Fantasy Tournament. I'll try to spread the word for it.
Ok understood, everyone has chimed in with a "NO" you can't do that response.

Also, can I use the Mephrit Dynasty Cohort Detatchment AND the Canoptek Harvest formation? So a detatchment that includes a formation???.....
Well here's the thing, the main rule book says that all troops are assumed to have a basic CC weapon regardless of what their profile says or what the model is equipped with, just like in Warhammer Fantasy. I also couldn't see anything about beast units not specifically having the free weapon either.