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I just found a new copy of Reiner Knizia's long out-of-print  Blue Moon City and picked it up.  This is a 4-player board game sequel(-of-sorts) to his 2-player collectible card game Blue Moon.  While the original was about factions battling it out, this game takes place after the war with everyone coming together to rebuild Blue Moon City (the player who contributes the most wins & becomes the leader of the newly rebuilt city).

It involves set collection, hand management, area control/influence and a modular board (I've heard some of Istanbul's mechanics compared to it - there are a couple of similarities in movement and scoring).

We'll go over the rules to start and it's not too complicated.

(4 players, 60 minutes at 6:30)

The Dark Age is over. The royal heirs, whose infighting and pride caused the destruction of Blue Moon City, have fled. The corrupt advisors and courtiers who whispered into their ears have been banished. The bitter division between the peoples of Blue Moon is beginning to heal. Now is a time of harmony and hope.

But Blue Moon City remains in ruins, the barest outlines in the rubble giving a hint of the magnificence of the city before its downfall. The people have vowed that the city must be rebuilt, and the three elemental dragons have returned to help. As messengers of the god of Blue Moon, they have the power to reunite the Holy Crystal that once protected the city. The only question that remains is this: To whom will they bestow the new mantle of leadership?

Contribute to the reconstruction of Blue Moon City to gain crystals. Impress the dragons to collect golden scales and convert these into crystals. Be the first to make enough offerings to the obelisk in the central courtyard to gain the leadership of the city and win the game.
Yeah, please mark me down for Power Grid at 830. And Dr. McNinja looks fun so sign me up for it at 630, please.
I'd be up for continuing on with my character from last time so please mark me down for Mice & Mystics.
Please sign me up for Stone Age (been wanting to give it a try) & Dead of Winter (had a lot of fun playing it a couple of weeks ago).
That's totally ok, roxy72. The game's fairly easy to pick up. And really, the Factions expansion just adds some more choices, so it's not a big deal if people are new to the game.
Please mark me down for Mice & Mystics. I dug Plaid Hat Games' Dead of Winter last week so I would be interested in checking out more of their stuff.

I'm going to bring Alien Frontiers to start the night (4 players, 90 minutes at 630pm), if anyone's interested. I have the Factions expansion, which we can play with if players are familiar with the game. But I want to keep it to 4 players instead of 5 so it doesn't end up going super long.
Please mark me down for Dead of Winter at 9. I've heard a lot of good things about it & have been wanting to check it out.