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I'm going to bring out the new Days of Wonder game Quadropolis. It's a city-building, tile-laying, set collection game. It's light-to-medium weight and a lot of fun so everyone's welcome to give it a try. 60min but will likely be a little bit longer with learning & we'll play the expert mode rather than the basic mode.

GAME: Quadropolis
TEACHER: silent_ron
DURATION: 60min+
URL: Quadropolis

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I'm also bringing out the Viking game Blood Rage, again. It's a fantastic Ameritrash-Euro hybrid (guys-fighting-on-a-map mixed with card drafting and a bunch of other fun mechanisms).

I'm going to cap it at 4-players, this time, so it doesn't go too late.

GAME TITLE: Blood Rage
TEACHER: silent_rob
DURATION: 120min+
URL: Blood Rage
GAME: La Granja
TEACHER: silent_rob
DURATION: 120min
URL: La Granja

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I'm going to bring out the dice worker-placement game The Voyages of Marco Polo on Tuesday. Players are Marco Polo's associates, traversing the eastern world in search of trading to complete contracts, accumulate wealth and resources and ultimately have the most victory points. It has several twists on other dice worker-placement games. While cities remain in the same places (and there are goals associated with setting up trading posts), their benefits are completely modular meaning they'll be different every game. Plus each player gets a character with a power so good you'd think it would break the game - but all of the powers are like that (and all of them are different). I'm also bringing out the New Characters expansion which includes an extra couple of twists and... new characters.  :D

This game is a little more complex than most other dice worker-placement games. Anyone who likes games a little heavier than medium weight is welcome to give it a try. With teaching it'll be a little over two hours. It's a great game with a lot of interesting play.

GAME: The Voyages of Marco Polo
TEACHER: silent_rob
DURATION: 135-150min
URL: Voyages of Marco Polo
Please sign me up for Eldritch Horror.  :)
Please mark me down for Adventure Land and Nuns on the Run.
I'm going to bring out the new tile-laying/jungle-exploring game Karuba to play on Tuesday. This is the latest in Haba's medium-weight games (they've previously been known for more kids games like Animals Upon Animals or Rhino Hero). Each player gets a player board of an island and puts their explorers and temples at the same start and end points as everyone else. Every player gets the same, numbered trail tiles face-up except for one player who shuffles their tiles and keeps them face-down. That player draws them one at a time, reads them aloud and then all players either a) place the tile anywhere on their board or b) discard the tile and move an explorer the indicated number of spaces (as per the tile). That's actually the only way to move your explorers so each turn is a decision between continuing a path of moving your people. Explorers receive points for getting to the temples the fastest and can also get bonus points for picking up diamonds and gold along the way (though only if they stop on those spaces).

It's a really fun game and seems to play well with everybody (gamers or otherwise). Play time is around 40-45min but might take slightly longer with teaching (though not much longer because it's pretty straight-forward).

GAME: Karuba
TEACHER: silent_rob
START TIME: 7:30pm
DURATION: 45min+
URL: Karuba
Please sign me up for Tash-Kalar and Arctic Scavengers!  :)
Please sign me up for Top This!
Sure, I'd be down for some Gold West. Thanks!
I'm going to bring out the tile-laying game Glen More on Tuesday. Players lead Scottish clans and try to increase their territory and wealth by growing grain to make whiskey, raising livestock and selling goods among other pursuits. You also choose your tiles through a neat rondell mechanism that also determines turn order.

This will be a teaching game so everyone's welcome to play.

GAME: Glen More
TEACHER: silent_rob
DURATION: 90min+
URL: Glen More