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Heard a lot of good things about Yamatai, would really like to try it. Please sign me up
I will be coming out for the day with Amanda.

Will have a few games along, also taking requests if somebody is looking to play something in my collection.

Here is the link to my collection on BGG
Cant make it tonight.

Was signed up for age of empires.
I'll get in on Age of Empires as well.
Signing myself and Amanda for the dex games tournament.
Have gotten a few requests for this, also should have the expansion by then.

GAME: Kemet
TEACHER: Colin Dearborn
START TIME: 10:00am
DURATION: 90-120 minutes
1. Colin Dearborn
2. Alex Dearborn
Going to get in on the Learn to Play Dicemasters with Chris.

Played a bit at the 24 hour event, but was to fuzzy to remember much in the way of rules, going to sign up Amanda for this as well.

Game Night Recap

Image by: Matt Robertson (Bixby) on BoardGameGeek


Games Played: Pieface, Time Stories, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Burgle Brothers, In the Year of the Dragon, Primordial Soup, Betrayal at the house on the Hill, Labyrinth, Animal upon Animal, Legandary Encounters, Star Flux, Survive: Escape from Atlantis, Stone Age, Thunder Road, Race for the Galaxy, Codenames, La Granja, Red 7, Harbour, Jaipur.

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"Life is Short; Play Games!"
I'll take the last spot in Thunder Road.
GAME TITLE: Offerings
TEACHER: Colin Dearborn
START TIME: 8:00 (once Vikings is done)
DURATION: 90 minutes
1. Colin Dearborn
2. Amanda Dearborn