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Please add me to Rise to Nobility
I've quite enjoyed my plays of Earth and hope you get lots of interest!  I've only had the game for just over a week and have already played it 4 times since so many are keen to try it out.
Thanks for bringing out Architects. I'm excited to try it. :)

GAME: Istanbul
TEACHER: Tamara H (tlh878)
DURATION: 90 minutes
Please add me to Merchants of Magick.
I know lots of people have played Cascadia recently (at PGX and Meeple Monday), but I haven't had a chance yet and would like to give it a try.

Also, Everdell and Architects of the West Kingdom.
I also told Carolyn I would be willing to read the rules and teach Calico.  But I don't own it either.

I can teach Brass:Birmingham, but don't own it.

I am willing to bring out and teach Quacks.
Quote from: MikeMcC on April 02, 2023, 11:45:12 PMDoes anyone have a copy of FURNACE?  Our host Chad saw me playing it at PGX and was asking about it, so if someone could bring a copy then maybe I can teach it to Chad (and others).

I played it with Cameron at PGX and Steve Lloyd also has a copy.  Maybe one of them could bring it to a future Meeple Monday.