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I think that's a great idea Matt.
I'd be up for some Dominion Matt.
I really wanna play Russian Railroads!
Will you be playing more then one game of Dominion?  I might be a bit late for the 7 oclock, but would be willing to play the second round.  Let me know.
Sorry guys.   I'm out for today.   So there is a spot for city tycoon now.
I'm sorry but both my sister (Chantal) and I are unable to come due to a stomach bug.  We were both signed up for 7 Wonders.  Sorry, Nicole
Can you please add me to city tycoon?  It looks like I was missed.   


General Discussion / Re: Nathan Filion and Firefly
February 11, 2013, 10:08:33 PM
OMG.  This is my favorite show!