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I am hosting a Blood on The Clocktower party at my private residence this Saturday Dec 17 as a fundraiser for Play With Your Food.

I currently have openings for 3 more people to attend (Total of 10 plus my PWYF team). The Cost to attend is $20 which 100% is to be donated to Carmichael Outreach through PWYF.

What is Blood on The Clocktower? It's a moderated werewolf social deduction game, where I will be the story teller running the game. It's a new game that finally released after a long kickstarter campaign.

Why should I come? Because fun, good cause, plus free drinks and snacks and hot dogs. Also there will be a door prize for a $25 dollar Boston Pizza giftcard.

How do I attend?
Email me

Who is all coming? Probably people you know! Get in touch.

Where is it? My house in Argyle Park Regina. Downstairs in my gameroom / bar - address will be shared to attendee's.