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Do you want to Game for a Change?
The 24 Hours to Play with Your Food Event is back and ready to tackle Food Security issues in our community.

We invite you to check out our brand new website:

We are excited to have this great event moving forward to address food security, homelessness, and poverty in our community. Carmichael Outreach is a fantastic organization and we look forward to playing games and raising money to assist them in their mission to address these important issues.

Register a team today and you can Game for a Change!

Gaming for Good - Together, we can make the world a kinder, gentler place!
I checked with Derek to see if he wanted to continue managing this list and offered to maintain it if he wanted a break. With his blessing I will continue where he left off...

Sometimes, there's a game you want to play, but you don't know who can bring it out, so this is a space for sharing those requests. I'll do my best to keep the list updated when someone responds to a request or if someone posts that a request can be moved from the active list to the fulfilled list.

Post your game requests for ChewsDay Challenge here!

Active Requests:
18Lilliput  -  Bix Conners  -  ?
Century: Golem Edition  -  Bix Conners  -  Dsexton
Century: Golem Edition (An Endless World)  -  Bix Conners  -  ?
Century: Golem Edition (Eastern Mountains)  -  Bix Conners  -  ?
Furnace  -  Bix Conners  -  ?
A Feast for Odin  -  goinginshane  -  ?
Food Chain Magnate  -  goinginshane  -  ?
Moonrakers  -  natejjj  -  DSexton
Forgotten Waters  -  natejjj  -  ?
Nemesis  -  Jescor  -  ?
Spirit Island  -  Jescor  -  ?
  -    -  ?

Completed Quests :)
My Father's Work  -  Dsexton  -  Dsexton
Nemesis  -  goinginshane  -  Mick
Concordia  -  goinginshane  -  Jon H
Terraforming Mars  -  Jescor  -  Bix Conners
  -    -  ?

I set up a dedicated group on Facebook to Buy/Sell/Trade board games and board game related items. This is modeled after a couple of other cities doing this very successfully. I wanted to extend the invite to those of you with Facebook accounts to check it out. It is fairly new but rapidly gaining momentum...

Game Discussion / GIGA-Terraforming Mars
March 11, 2021, 01:26:44 PM
Hello Fans of Terraforming Mars

This game continues to hit the table often in our house / our group. There are a number of us interested in getting a professionally printed copy of the collection of Fan Created expansion material.

The GIGA-Terraforming Mars project is a pure labour of love on behalf of a number of dedicated fans. It combines some of the best fan created material into one package. The GIGA map and included expansions have got a lot of attention and plays so they are well designed, balanced, and play tested.

Apparently the designer of TM has a copy of the GIGA map printed and on display at their corporate office!!!

At this point, it appears I have 5 of us interested in getting this produced. There are a lot of cards, tiles, and a map to print so it is a bit of work coordinating. That is why is makes sense to get multiple copies done at the same time.

You can read more about this project here:

If you would like to be a part of this group effort, please let me know. It will not be cheap; but it will be epic!
Hello all.

Pretty quiet in here.

I thought I would let you know that we have established a private website discussion forum area for our board game design efforts. The site allows for concepts and outlines to be posted and fleshed out in greater detail as designs take shape. Currently there 13 designs posted in various stages. Many are open for collaboration, or you could simply add your own. I will say that most of the designs are currently a hobby approach and nothing that is commercially focused.

If you would like to get involved in any capacity, please reach out to me in Private Message here and I will work to get you set up as a member.

Cheers all,
Is there a schedule of events or will this be all open gaming?
This thread is to work on the parallel universe rule set for the game XIA: Legends of a Drift System.

This is a fan expansion to the game. These rules are for games with multiple sets where two groups are playing the game and the universes are linked allowing players to migrate from one game map to the other. Below are the listed of vetted and finalized rules.

This thread is to work on custom exploration tokens for the game XIA: Legends of a Drift System.

This is a fan expansion to the game. These are additional tokens that go in the bag with the official exploration tokens. Some of these are temporary and some are permanent modifiers for the player.  Below are the listed of vetted and finalized exploration tokens.

This thread is to work on custom events for the game XIA: Legends of a Drift System.

This is a fan expansion to the game. Whenever a "1" is rolled on a d20, an event is triggered. Some of these are fleeting and only last until the next event occurs, and some of these have permanent effects on the game. Below are the listed of vetted and finalized events.

Found this on BoardGameGeek and thought I would share it. I really like how he has categorized aspects of gameplay to isolate and examine strategic depth...