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Game Discussion / 1882: Assiniboia
April 02, 2020, 04:44:00 PM

18xx in what is now Saskatchewan.  What is not to like?

I'd like to get a campaign of Risk Legacy going.  I know I missed the big hype period of it :) and there have been lots of other games out there since, but I picked up an inexpensive copy and would really like to give it a go.

I'd probably want to play about 1-2 times a month.  At Chewsday Challenge would be great, but I'm a bit flexible.  From what I've read, the campaign is 15 games long.  It might be possible to play a couple of plays in one night, once a month or so, and be done the campaign in about seven or eight months.

It plays 5 and is best at 4-5 so I'd like to fill the table if I can.

A soft reservation held for CdnPhoenix, who expressed interest, but he is away for a bit so I'll have to check with him when he gets home.

This wouldn't start until the new year.

Let me know if interest.  Strong preference for people who've not played the campaign before.  No Risk experience necessary.
Lori's sick... but I still want to go.  Ticket's on us.

Interested?  PM me here ASAP.  (Or text, if you know my number.)  The game's at 8.

We're in section 111 row 22 - good seats toward the Pil Country end, in the lower bowl.