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I'm putting together a schedule for the Game Designer's Corner at the upcoming PGX event on Sunday, January 19. If you're interested, send me an email at so that we can get your design on the schedule!
If you're in Regina and you're into game design, plan to stop by The Owl on Tuesday, December 10 between 5 and 10 pm for a combined meet-up between Regina Game Dev (video games) and Regina Game Forge (tabletop games). Bring your games to show off, meet other designers, and maybe even get in a playtest! Hope to see you there.

Contact Derek (lifeofturner @ gmail dot com) or check out for more details!

Archive of ChewsDay Challenge / Game Requests: Winter 2020
September 08, 2019, 12:50:27 PM
Sometimes, there's a game you want to play, but you don't know who can bring it out, so this is a space for sharing those requests. I'll do my best to keep the list updated when someone responds to a request or if someone posts that a request can be moved from the active list to the fulfilled list.

Post your game requests for Chewsday Challenge here!

Active Requests:
Beta Colony (lifeofturner)
Black Angel (jescor, lifeofturner) - talk to sna17
Carpe Diem (lifeofturner)
Champions of Midgard (sna17)
Dice Hospital (Standstrong4u)(nikkisportraits)
Euphoria w/Ignorance is Bliss (NeikeDjour) - talk to sna17
Forum Trajanum (lifeofturner)
Grand Austria Hotel (sna17)
Gugong (sna17)
Hadara (Lori)
Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write (NeikeDjour)
Merlin (lifeofturner)
Ming Dynasty (nikkisportraits)
New Frontiers (lifeofturner)
Parks (Lori)
Spirit Island (Jescor) - talk to sna17
Tapestry(NeikeDjour) - talk to sna17
Terraforming Mars (Jescor)
Vast: Crystal Caverns(Jescor) - talk to NeikeDjour
Regina Game Forge is hosting a Game Designer Meet and Greet at 11:00 am at Prairie Game Expo on Saturday, September 21. Come and meet local designers and hear about what they're working on and what's happening with game design in the Queen City, as well as show and tell about your own designs. Hope to see you there!
I have created a Facebook group called "Saskatchewan Game Designers and Play Testers" as another way to attempt to connect and collaborate, since I am certain there are designers who are not connected yet with SaskGames. It is currently a Closed Group, but if you are interested, feel free to join and connect with us there and I will approve your request.

I'm looking forward to seeing our network of game designers expand and grow!
Hey designers!

I would like to put up a list of all of the game designers and publishers in SK as a sticky topic at the top of this forum. I have a lot of contact information already, but I know that there are few designers with whom I have not yet had contact. Please let me know if you want to be included in this directory.

The information that should be included is your name, company (if applicable), SaskGames ID, email, website, and games.

Feel free to respond to this post or to send me a private message with your info, or at least just an affirmation that I can include you in the list. I will not include information for anyone from whom I do not receive confirmation.


Regina Game Forge is a group of game designers that is dedicated to encouraging and supporting game design in the city of Regina and the province of Saskatchewan in partnership with SaskGames.

We provide the opportunity for constructive feedback in an open, collaborative environment that includes brainstorming, workshopping, and play testing emerging game designs from prairie designers.

There are currently no plans for moving toward publishing games on our own, though we do want to help designers get their games ready to be published and to help designers partner with existing publishers.

We meet as a group once a month at 7:30 pm at Chewsday Challenge in Regina. Our meetings include a short review of discussion items, a check-in on designs in progress, and, most importantly, playing games together. Our goal is to feature a play test of a different game each month.

There is no commitment to having to attend meetings or having to spend a certain number of hours designing a game to participate in the Regina Game Forge. The invitation is open to everyone who is interested in game design, even if it's just a one-time drop in or posting on the fora on SaskGames.

Because of the sensitive nature of game design – both in terms of the vulnerability of the process and the need for privacy for prototypes and ideas - we ask that anyone who participates in Regina Game Forge activities is respectful of the designers and their intellectual property.

Our group's activity is driven entirely by its members, and the safety and respect of the designers and their designs is paramount for our group to function well. Our hope is that this group serves as a framework to inspire designers in their work. If you have any questions or if you want to get more involved, please contact us directly.
Hey, I know there was an old thread about games at Chewsday Challenge, but it was getting a bit long, so I thought I would start a new thread just for this fall. Here are some of the games I would like to see played sometime (mostly because I want to try them myself):

Core Worlds
Russian Railroads
The Voyages of Marco Polo