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Marketplace / FOR SALE: Board Games in Regina
December 12, 2022, 10:11:19 AM
It's time to clear up some shelf space.  I am able to arrange pick-up or delivery in Regina. 

Adventure Games - The Grand Hotel Abaddon: $10

Killer Bunnies with yellow booster pack: $15

Pastiche 1st edition (includes a number of small wooden easels for holding art tiles): 30

Crystal Clans (with all released clan decks sleeved): $40

Chronicles of Crime (plus Welcome to Redview): $35

Flash Point Fire Rescue (with Urban Structures and 2nd Story expansions): $40

City: $20

Visitor in Blackwood Grove: $10

Banana Party: $20

Unlock - Game Adventures: $30

Unlock - Legendary Adventures: $30