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We've moved the meetings to be 7-9pm on the first Monday of each month, now at Dragons Den.

For example, the next few meetings dates are:
February 3rd
March 2nd
April 6th
Howdy I'm in Saskatoon, I'm in need of some painted WWII figurines - any size is fine. Does anyone know of a place in Saskatoon to get some? Alternatively, a good online store?

To provide more detail, I'm making a live-action trailer for my videogame Radio General (set to release in a few months), only need the figurines for 2 weeks, so borrowing/loaning would be even better.
I'm proud to announce the first meeting of the Saskatoon Game Designers will be on Thursday September 7th, at the University of Saskatchewan. Check out the following links for more details:
Facebook page
Page for those who don't use Facebook
Sure! I'd love to hear some tips on what works best for organizing groups like this.
Heyo. I've done some searching around, and haven't been able to find a public game design group for Saskatoon. Specifically this group would be for trying out people's unfinished boardgame designs (and perhaps videogames as well).

Does anyone know of a public game design group in Saskatoon? I see lots of boardgame events in Regina, but few in Saskatoon.

If not, I may start one myself. Would probably meet once a month. Would there be interest if I started one in Saskatoon?