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Quote from: Dana_Tillusz on October 04, 2016, 09:20:54 PM
GAME: MC: The Biker Game
TEACHER: Devin Fifield
START TIME: 1:00pm
DURATION: 2.5-3hrs
URL: This game is in open beta.

Riding your motorcycle is fun, especially when you have all your bros with you.  You want to start your own motorcycle club, so you get 5 of your bike riding friends and start your first charter.  Your objective is to expand your club into different states across the US.  Along the way you will encounter other factions from different gang types.  Will you forge an alliance with them and conduct business deals, or will you goto war and destroy them.  Buy and sell small guns, heavy weapons and contraband to make extra money.  Capture and control seaports to import goods and make more money.  Become the biggest, most powerful and most influential MC on the board to win.
Quote from: Dana_Tillusz on October 04, 2016, 09:20:54 PM
GAME: Naval Battles: Customizable Card Game
TEACHER: Devin Fifield
DURATION: 20 min to learn, 30 min - 2 hrs depending on players

You are an Admiral from an autonomous nation.  Commanding from your flagship, your orders are to protect your resources and sink your opponent's flagship.  You have access to ships, weapons, and aircraft from different nations you can build and deploy to the battlefield.  Equip your flagship with powerful defensive radar systems to boost your fleet's effectiveness in combat.  Sink your opponent's flagship or destroy all their resources to win the game.  Check out the website for more details as well as the Admiral's Handbook that contains all the rules for the game.
Archive of FRAG Games Day Events / FRAG Game Days 2017
January 19, 2017, 04:16:45 PM
Hey I've noticed the forum hasn't been updated with the 2017 FRAG Game Days.  I want to try and make it this month but not sure if it's this weekend or next.
Quote from: Dana_Tillusz on July 28, 2016, 01:51:06 PM

GAME: Naval Battles: Customizable Card Game
TEACHER: Devin Fifield
START TIME: 1:00pm
DURATION: 2-3 hrs
I would like to showcase my game that weekend at the PGX and would like to get 6 players together to play a sealed deck format game.
This game is developed around modern naval combat, players will act as Admirals and have the opportunity to build and deploy ships, equip them with weapons cards and aircraft, and send them into combat against your opponent.  Players command from a flagship that acts like a virtual ship that you can also deploy weapons and defense cards to, and can use these to attack your opponent or defend yourself from attack.  Players will use resource cards to draw requisition to pay for your construction costs.  Players will also have access to special Instant cards that can be played at anytime when that player has enough requisition and can satisfy any prerequisites.  Complete rule book is available on the website above, as well as a visual spoiler of all the cards in the core set and upcoming expansion.
I'll mention this sooner so it has time to circulate.  I'm planning to be at the FRAG Game day again in August on the 27th from 1-5 if anyone is interested in giving my game a try out.  I have constructed decks we can play and if we can get 6 players total we can play the cube game which should be a lot of fun.  Also I have promo cards from the first expansion, NATO vs. the Blok, to give away to any player who plays a demo game.  Choose one of 6 rare promo cards from the expansion.  Hope to see lots of people there.
I'm planning to have my game at the FRAG game day tomorrow from 1-5 if anyone is interested in giving it a try.  I will be looking for 6 players to play the limited cube game, myself and my son will be there so if there are at least 4 other players interested in trying the game we will be able to play the cube.  This will play 6 player muli-player game and should take us at least a couple hours to play.  I have made a number of rules changes to the game recently and those will be used in the next demo of the game.  These changes are to enhance the game play and make other mechanics more balanced in relation to the game as a whole.  I have updated the Admiral's Handbook with all the current rules changes and it is available to download on the website.
Hey everyone.  I have developed a great new military card game based around modern naval combat.

You play as an admiral from an autonomous nation.  Commanding from your flagship, you can build ships, equip them with weapons like guns and guided missiles, build and deploy jet aircraft to aircraft carriers.  Players will be tasked with protecting their resources while trying to take out their enemy's flagship.  Players will use resource cards to produce requisition, and that will be used to pay for costs.  Players will have access to powerful defensive cards; like radar, SONAR, and armor; that get equipped to their flagships to help boost their effectiveness in the battlefield.  Players will also have access to powerful instant cards, that can be played at anytime during the game as long as that player can pay the requisition cost and satisfy any prerequisites.

Resource cards will be shuffled in a separate deck as the rest of the cards and allows players more control over their resources.  During a player's draw step, that player chooses to draw either from their main deck, or their resource deck.  Players will also be able to deploy their ships, weapons, aircraft and defense cards through the use of the Construction Zone, where a player can build up requisition counters over time and deploy the units when they have enough.

Combat in this game can happen at anytime during a player's main phase, and players can conduct multiple attack sequences as long as they have enough units to do so.  Combat and damage determination is by the use of dice, where players will roll an attack vs a defense roll, add any modifiers that are on the involved units, and compare.  If a player's attack roll is greater than the other player's defense roll, that's a hit and damage is dealt equal to the difference.  Attacking and defending ships will fire at each other at the same time, so players will roll twice for each.  Players will also have access to directed fire weapons that can be activated.  These weapons use the same attack/defense challenge roll as with combat.

The main objective of the game is to sink your opponent's flagship.  Players' flagships start with 20 hit points, and will have 8 upgrade platforms for weapons or defense cards.  Other ways to eliminate players are to force them to run out of cards in their main deck, or to run out of resources.

The design and sales format for this game is a Cube, and each expansion will be an extension to the cube game.  However there is an emphasis for players to build decks in a more constructed format.  Allowing players to build decks of no less than 40 cards main, 15-25 resources, and up to a 15 card sideboard.  No more than 3 copies of any card in the game by name and type besides basic resources can appear in main, resource and side decks.  The constructed format allows for 1v1 play or multiplayer action.

The Core set of the game, which is currently available to purchase, consists of 237 unique card faces.  The Core Set Cube game consists of 600 printed cards from each of the 6 types, in sequence of rarity.  There are 36 rares, 54 uncommons,132 commons and 15 basic resources.  The cube box is guaranteed to contain 1 of each rare, 2 of each uncommon, 3 of each common and 60 basic resources.

For more information on this game, card spoilers and the official Admiral's Handbook, check out our website at
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