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I will take the last spot in Aladdin's Dragons.
I wanted to make it out later, but it's just not going to work tonight. Hope to be back next week!
Hoping to make it out for 8:30. As usual, I'll bring a couple of options if I can make it out.
I'm putting together a schedule for the Game Designer's Corner at the upcoming PGX event on Sunday, January 19. If you're interested, send me an email at so that we can get your design on the schedule!
If you're in Regina and you're into game design, plan to stop by The Owl on Tuesday, December 10 between 5 and 10 pm for a combined meet-up between Regina Game Dev (video games) and Regina Game Forge (tabletop games). Bring your games to show off, meet other designers, and maybe even get in a playtest! Hope to see you there.

Contact Derek (lifeofturner @ gmail dot com) or check out for more details!

Wish I could make it there tonight, but I am still staving off a cold, so I'm just going to have to play solo at home. Maybe next week!
You can add LLAMA, Fuji Flush, and Piepmatz to the list of games played!