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I would like to play wing span if there is still room.
Quote from: Lori on March 29, 2022, 10:46:00 AM
Can you believe it will be 751 days since our last Chewsday Challenge?

How many people have gotten married or divorced, had a baby, changed jobs, moved, or given up on playing board games in public in all that time?

Feel free to chat or schedule a game.

Welcome back!

Have a feeling I did this wrong but heck glad we are going to be back gaming finally! ~ Nikkisportraits
Please add me to Parks at 6:30. Thank you :)
Sadly I think I need to cancel. Please remove me from the 2 games with @StandStrong4U is running. Thanks and sorry.
Please add me to Bites and Potion Explosion. Thank you.
Please add me to Wingspan and Cocao. Thanks :)
Please add me to Tiny Towns and Empirez of the North. Thanks.
Please add me to Dice Upon a Time. Thanks.
Please add me to Ground Floor.

Please add me to Polterfas and Wingspan. Thanks.