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Strategy Saturday was a once-a-month evening of board games started in 2004. It ran until COVID restrictions forced it to end in the spring of 2020. When these restrictions were finally ended unfortunately the venue for Strategy Saturday was no longer available.

Happily, a new venue is now available and Feature Friday will carry on in the place of Strategy Saturday. Feature Friday is scheduled for the third Friday of each month.

Feature Game
Each month a game will be spotlighted. This featured game will be taught at the beginning of the evening so if you want a seat at the table, you'll want to arrive on time. If you know you'll be running a little bit late or you simply want to guarantee yourself a spot, contact me with your intentions and we'll look to reserve you a spot.

I also encouraged others to host the Feature Game. Maybe you have a new game that you're excited to have a go at or an old favourite that just hasn't seen the light of day in awhile. Email me and I'll be happy to see what arrangements we can make to have your game played.

Event Owner
Allan Luesink

Contact Information

Southside Pentecostal Assembly
41 Birchwood Rd
Regina, SK

Parking & Entrance
Southside Pentecostal Assembly is located in a repurposed elementary school. There is an entrance in the back of the church where there is plenty of parking available. Alternatively, the front doors will also be open.

Hours of Operation
7pm until midnight (or there abouts).  We have an open-door policy so feel free to come later or leave early.  Just know that if you come late you may end up waiting a bit to get in on a game.

Collection of Games Available for Use
Feel free to bring games from your own collection to play (see Gaming Limitations post below).
If you do not wish to bring a game, no worries, there are always plenty of games available.

Age Limits
This is an event that is open to all ages.  I only ask that if a young person attends that they have the ability to stay focused on the game they join.  I leave it up to the accompanying guardians to make this evaluation.

It's FREE!

Food & Beverage
We have a snack counter where people may contribute a drink or something to munch on.  If you haven't brought something we still want you to feel at home so don't be afraid to help yourself.

Things You Should Know
  • Have fun. This is a family friendly evening so conduct yourself accordingly.
  • There are always lots of games available for use.
  • Bring a friend. Bring a game. Bring both.

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Allan Luesink

Gaming Limitations

There are some limits that are placed on the types of games that are played at Feature Friday.  We ask that people not play games that fall into the following genres:

  • Magic, horror, or spirit centric (eg. Magic the Gathering, Call of Cthulhu)
  • Gambling (eg. poker)
  • Role playing (eg. D&D)
  • Table top miniatures
This request is simply that while you may see no issue with these types of games, we want to be considerate of the sensibilities of Southside Pentecostal Assembly. So while I personally do play table top miniature games, I don't play them at Feature Friday and instead limit my play to table/board games (of which there are plenty to enjoy).

There is an element of discretion that goes along with this policy. Having a 'magical' element does not necessarily disqualify a game. An example might be Elfenland which is a race game where young elves seek to travel across a map using different modes of transport, some of which are fantastical (ie. dragons, magic clouds)

If you have any questions about a game, please feel free to ask.