Selling some of my collection

Started by erdrikwolf, July 01, 2024, 11:10:04 AM

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Selling some of my collection that don't get played.  Open to trades or deals for multiple purchases:

Pictures available on request, but were too large to post here.

Brains  5   
Mystic War  5   
Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena  5   
Ruse and Bruise  5   
Take Stock  5   
Thunderstone Starter set  5
Titan's Tactics  5   
Treachery in a Pocket  5 
Bloodsuckers  10   
Epic Card Game  10   
Multiuniversum  10   
Oddball Aeronauts  10   
Okko: Era of the Asagiri  10   
Rooster Booster  10   
Shadowscape  10     
Ironclad  15   
Galactic Strike Force  15   
Hordes: High Command  15       
Seven Swords  15   

Alien Artifacts  20   
Arcana  20   
Gunship: First Strike!  20   
Mystic Market  20   
Streets of Steel: Kickin   Asphalt and Rush N Scare  20 
Titanium Wars and expansion  20   
Warhammer Quest: The Adventure   Card Game  20 

Conquest of the Fallen Lands  25   
Medieval Academy  25
Seal Team Flix  30
Ascension Tactics: Miniatures Deckbuilding Game   40

Sword and Scorcery: Ancient Chronicles  50   (came with some box damage, see pictures- contents are excellent)

Conflict of Heroes: Awakening   the Bear/ Firefight generator/ Solo  65