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Meeple Monday

Start your week off right!
Meeple Monday is brought to you by SaskGames, ComicReaders and Western Pizza (South Albert Street location). Meeple Monday is a weekly event that brings together gaming enthusiasts and people new to gaming. This is an event for people of all ages and backgrounds. It is a place to meet and enjoy a variety of board games. Meeple Monday is held at Western Pizza. This local business provides a dedicated space for the gaming but also excellent food and beverage service. This is a chance to enjoy and share your interest in the board game hobby.

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) What types of games are played at Meeple Monday?
A variety of board games are played. Limited only by table space and time. Designer board games, wargames, strategy games, card games, and role-playing games are just some of the types you might see at Meeple Monday.  When planning your night of gaming there are a few things to consider:
      (a) Mature Subject Matter
            Western Pizza is a family restaurant and Meeple Monday is a family friendly event. Games that might offend (ex. Cards Against Humanity) are not suitable for Meeple Monday.
      (b) Table Space
            Tables won't be able to support very large games (ex. the combined boards of Axis & Allies Europe & Pacific). Please be considerate when choosing your table area. We want tables to be available for other board games and their players, too.
(c) Time
            Western Pizza closes at 10pm so manage your time accordingly to ensure your game is finished and packed away by 9:30pm. This allows the Game Night Host and Western Pizza staff to clean the area before the 10pm closing time.

(2) Who should attend Meeple Monday?
You should attend if you enjoy playing games and enjoy the social interaction of the hobby. These events will have experienced players, casual players, and people new to the hobby. This is a non-competitive, family-friendly event.

(3) Do I have to know how to play a game before joining?
In short, no.  Meeple Monday is beginner friendly.  People new to the hobby are welcome! Each game has a teacher who will explain the rules. 
If you are interested in teaching a game, we recommend you teach one with which you are already familiar. Teaching a game you are only learning yourself can affect how someone feels about the evening.

(4) Does it cost anything to attend?
This is an event brought to you by SaskGames, Western Pizza, and ComicReaders.  There is no cover charge; no entry fee. Western Pizza provides the dedicated space for the gaming. SaskGames provides volunteers to teach games and the platform ( through which the event is promoted. ComicReaders provides a small board game library, financial support, and board game expertise. Western Pizza has a menu of delicious food. If you order food and beverages please remember to pay your bill and support the waitstaff. 

(5) Do I have to sign up for a game on the forum?
No, but doing so helps plan your night and helps the event organizers prepare for the event.  Posting on the forum in advance to say you will attend gives Western Pizza an idea of attendance.  Signing up for a game on the forum ensures you get to play the game you want.  When you get to Meeple Monday you will see "Players Wanted" signs to show which games have not yet started.  If you haven't signed up for a game in a advance, there is a chance all the games might be full or in progress. If that is the case, you will have to wait before a new games begins. 

(6) Are there games available to borrow?
ComicReaders provides a small board game library for use at Meeple Monday.  Most people bring their own games and you must ask their permission if you want to get involved. The Game Night Host can help you get into a game if you don't have anything scheduled. 

(7) What is a Game Night Host?
Game Night Hosts are the people that greet you when you arrive, answer questions you might have about the event, and help get you situated into a game.

(8) Can I order food while playing?
That said, not everyone is going to be comfortable with you eating while playing their designer board game so consider coming early for a meal, eating before you start a game, or taking a break to eat after you finish a game. Always ask what the game owner prefers before you sit down at a board game with food or drinks.

(9) Why do I have to wear a name tag?
Meeple Monday is a social event because board games are a social hobby. Yes, you can attend with your usual gaming crew, but you are also going to meet new people. Wearing a name tag breaks the ice and allows attendees to get to know one another. The name tag also allows Western Pizza to better serve you food and drink.

Name tags are left behind at the end of the event, collected by the night's Host, and can be used again when you arrive at your next Meeple Monday.

(10) I have heard there are prize draws? Is that true?
Yes, there are monthly prizes brought to you by Western Pizza and ComicReaders. Each local business donates $25 gift certificates to a monthly draw for attendees.  You get an entry each time you attend Meeple Monday. And you get one extra entry each week if you post on the event thread on to say you are attending, are teaching a game, etc. That means within a given month with four events, you can get a total of 8 entries if you attend each event and post in each event thread.

Venue & Event Information

Meeple Monday is made possible thanks to:

SaskGames is an initiative to grow and strengthen the gaming community in Saskatchewan. The SaskGames Web site was launched in August of 2010. It is an umbrella site that works to connect various groups and individuals involved with the hobby.

ComicReaders is more than comics! They have two locations in Regina that are dedicated to gaming: board games, collectible card games, and miniature games. They are proud to be a part of Meeple Monday. Members of their staff will attend each event-- sometimes as Hosts, sometimes as game teachers, and sometimes simply as gamers.

Western Pizza:
Western Pizza started in Regina, with locations throughout Saskatchewan and Southern Alberta. They are best known for their excellent pizza and pasta, but feature so much more! Their pizzas start on our homemade crust with a unique blend of four cheeses, and a secret pizza sauce recipe that will keep you guessing. The menu also includes favourites such as burgers, sandwiches, steaks, and of course, BBQ chicken.

Western Pizza South Albert Street
3847 Albert Street
Regina, SK  S4S 3R4

Hours for Meeple Monday
Meeple Monday takes place every Monday (except on holidays) with games starting around 6:30pm.  The restaurant closes at 10:00pm, so we ask that games are completed by 9:30pm.  We encourage you to come by early and eat at the restaurant. Members will start showing up around 5:00pm to chow down.

Age Limits
Children under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by a guardian or adult during these events.

There is no charge for the event. Please consider supporting Western Pizza to secure our weekly spot at the restaurant.

Food & Beverage
Western Pizza has a great selection of food and beverages. Come early! Eat, then play!

Free parking available.