Board Game Community Raises a lot of Money for Worthy Cause

Started by Bix Conners, March 21, 2024, 11:55:53 AM

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Bix Conners

Hello all.

We are on the home stretch for the Play with Your Food (PwYF) campaign and event. This weekend, over 100 PwYF Team members will gather at the UofR for the 24Hr celebratory event. What are we celebrating? Well, PwYF struck out this year to raise $40,000 for Carmichael Outreach. At the time of writing this we are at $66,397. This is beyond humbling. I am so absolutely proud of the board game community.

The power of play has been harnessed to raise a substantial amount of money for a very worthy organization. I am quite excited and just wanted to share this. I invite you to get involved in next year's campaign which will start this coming June. It is truly heartwarming to be involved in this community and this campaign.

Together, let's raise a lot of money and have fun doing it!
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