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Started by FragAdmin, August 07, 2023, 11:13:20 AM

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BONUS :scrab-f :scrab-r :scrab-a :scrab-g  GAMES DAY INFORMATION

Event Owner
FRAG - Flatland Regional Association of Gamers.  Non profit organization. Saskatchewan's longest running board game organization.

The first FRAG Games day was held February 21, 2004 and is a once a month board games event. It is generally held the last Saturday of each month.  Sometimes the date moves around a bit due to the facility being unavailable that weekend, or being a holiday weekend.

Contact Information
Use this forum, private message will do.

Prairie Spruce Commons Cohousing
1625 Badham Blvd.
Regina, Sk
Click here to see MAP

Hours of Operation
12pm until ~ 11pm. We have an open door policy so feel free to come later or leave early.

Food & Beverage
Bringing snacks for sharing is encouraged.
There are options for food within a few blocks (Subway, The Lobby Bar, Western Pizza, Mikes Independent).

Things You Should Know
Have fun. This is a family friendly evening.  So conduct yourself accordingly.
There are always lots of games available for use.
Bring a friend. Bring a game. Bring both.

Saturday Sep 9, 2023
- FRAG Advertising Administrator