Feature Friday - Southside Pentecostal Assembly - Friday, November 17, 2023

Started by Allan Luesink, November 06, 2023, 12:17:20 PM

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Allan Luesink

Hi everyone,

November brings the cold reality, that yup, winter - again. :-\  But that just means that indoor activities get that much better! :D

For all those who still have a kid inside them, who liked smashing their toys, playing guns, all accompanied with constant sound effects, this month's Feature Game is sure to please. Thunder Road Vendetta is a smash-up derby Mad Max style for up to 4 players. Each player has three cars with which to out-race, out-last, and out-luck their opponents to win a race set in a dystopian landscape. Cars careen, cars shoot, cars crash, cars launch, and you'll have a great time laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. And the rules are so easy - roll the dice and do what they say. If you already have a copy of this game, bring it out so as many as possible can enjoy the laughs that are sure to happen.

Of course, if this seems a little low-brow ( ;) )and you think you might be into another game (or you're just a little late :sleep:), as always, there will be many other games available to be played.

!!! If you have a game you'd like to play and draw some attention to, feel free to volunteer for future Feature Game slots. Just drop me a note at feature_friday@hotmail.com.

Feature Friday meets at Southside Pentecostal Assembly (41 Birchwood Rd) from 7pm to midnight. There is parking and an entrance at the back of the building. A snack table will be set up so feel free to contribute a drink or something to munch on. And feel free to bring along friends (and to forward this invite).

Hope you'll be there,


Allan Luesink

If you're curious as to how Thunder Road Vendetta plays, and you have a moment, here's a video: