Unsettling Setters: Intervention Live Board Game Play: Art Gallery of Regina

Started by ChadBoudreau, September 09, 2023, 01:44:15 PM

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Unsettling Setters: Intervention Live Board Game Play Event

An afternoon of live board game playing facilitated by artist Golboo Amani engages ardent gamers and novices alike in critically reflecting on colonialism in every aspect of our lives, including recreation, through her artwork Unsettling Setters: Intervention.

Amani's socially-engaged artwork is a board game that interrupts the colonial narrative of the popular game Settlers of Catan by employing strategies that strengthen players' ability to imagine critical alternatives to and counter hegemonic narratives of settlement. Local artists trained by Amani in collaboration with Common Weal Community Arts host players at three tables in a re-invented experience of the popular board game that favours dialogue, negotiation and collaboration over conquest. Through game-play, participants confront biases that games such as Settlers of Catan strengthen and gain an understanding of the real effects and stakes of protest strategies to create change.

This event is presented in partnership with Common Weal Community Arts and Comic Readers.

Board Game Details
Unsettling Settlers is an artist produced expansion for the popular board game Catan. Unsettling Settlers allows some players to play at the original inhabitants of the lands being settled in Catan, and through game play are able to disrupt the goals of the other players who are the settlers.


Friday, October 6, 2023
Start Time: Game Play begins at 3:00 PM
Location: Art Gallery of Regina; 2420 Elphinstone Street
Cost: Free
Unsettling Settlers

Earlier in the day, artist Golboo Amani is at the University of Regina to talk about her art practice from the perspectives of social justice, socially-engaged art and pedagogy. More information about this talk and other events occurring in participation with the Art Gallery of Regina can be found on the Art Gallery of Regina.


That sounds really interesting! It's too bad it's during the work day. Do you know if any media will be covering it, I wonder if I can watch something like a recap after it.
Let me know if you want to me to bring out a specific game: Game List