Prairie Game eXpo - REGINA SHRINE CLUB - Saturday Feb. 17, 2024 (10 am) FREE!!

Started by Dana_Tillusz, September 05, 2023, 11:12:00 AM

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Parry and I are on our way, just running a fee minutes late.  I am hoping to join Lori's learn to play Cascadia at 2 if there's room 🙂


Prairie Game Expo Recap


BOARD GAMES PLAYED: King of Tokyo; Twilight Imperium; Crokinole Cards; Dastardly Drivers; Crimewave; Chimera Station; Forest Shuffle; Scout; Dominion; Splendor Duel; The Crew; Champions of the Labrynth; Fox Experiment; Love Letter; Wild Realms; Momiji; Pyramids; 7 Wonders; Rocketman; Clank; Pandemic; Cartographers: Heroes; Far Shore; Cascadia; Patchwork; Ticket to Ride; Splendor; Bears and Bees; Marvel Zombies; Cyperpunk 2077; Table Golf Association; Planet Steam; Photosynthesis; Exploding Kittens; Point Salad; Dinosaur Island Rawr n Write; Boss Monster; Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards; Wingspan; Tsuro; Decrypto; Hansa Teutonica; Eleminis; Nidavaller; Telestrations; Jaipur; Sheriff of Nottingham; Scythe; Lost Ruins of Arnak; Heat: Pedal to the Metal; Kabuto Sumo; Tang Garden; and, probably a few more I missed.

MINIATURE GAMES PLAYED: Battletech; Warhammer 40K Kill Team.

CCGS PLAYED: Cardfight Vanguard; Disney Lorcana.

(1) Chris S won the Cascadia tournament. Congratulations.
(2) Colter H, James H, and one other person who I can't recall won door prizes.
(3) Big thanks to anyone who taught games at Prairie Game Expo-- whether you were an official Prairie Game Expo Host or an attendee kind enough to invite people to your table. Folks who help set-up and tear down, worked the front desk, and, in general, were helpful also deserve thanks.
(4) Big thanks to the Wa Wa Shriners for being such good hosts.
(5) Thanks to SaskGames' volunteers for being an important part of this event. SaskGames' executive and volunteers have been stalwart partners with ComicReaders for 10+ years. Dana and I (Chad) from ComicReaders have really enjoyed working with all these fine people again. They often go unnamed and sometimes unnoticed but they know who they are and we know who they are and they are appreciated and respected by the whole ComicReaders team.

Also, if you have any thoughts or feedback about these events, send an email to


We're a little slow to promote the next PGX, which is on June 8th. Same place, same peeps. Love to see you there!