Prairie Game eXpo Volunteer Schedule (Saturday, February 17, 2024)

Started by Dana_Tillusz, September 05, 2023, 11:10:08 AM

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Prairie Game eXpo is made possible thanks to the help of volunteers. This thread is to help schedule volunteers running the Prairie Game eXpo.

All Volunteers will receive an extra opportunity to win for all the game prize draws.

Registration Table Schedule
Role: Welcoming attendees, making sure everyone signs the log book, answering questions.

10am - 11am: Jill
11am - 12pm:
12pm - 1pm:
1pm - 2pm:
2pm - 3pm: 
3pm - 4pm:
4pm - 5pm:
5pm on: Open doors. We ask that all ambassadors keep watch for people in need.

Learn to Play
Role: Teaching easy / accessible games to people. "Learn to Play" is a PGX initiative to help introduce new games to PGX attendees. We will have three time slots available. We would like one, perhaps two volunteers for each game in each time slot. Game teachers will teach a single game to groups of people over a two-hour block. Please contact us here if you're interested.

10-12 - Blueprints -
12-2 - Lorcana -
12-2 - Pandemic: The Cure
2-4 -
2-4 - Cascadia
We are looking for teachers of the following games: Scout, Flamecraft, Cascadia, The Crew (any), and/or Cartographers.

Please let us know if you are able to lend a hand at Prairie Game eXpo. Please reply to this forum.


I'm sorry to say we are pulling the plug on the October 7 Prairie Game Expo. As of this moment we are very short on volunteers for the registration table, have no DMs for the RPGs we wanted to feature, and are getting feedback from some of our die-hard attendees that they won't be coming because of the Rider game and / or Thanksgiving plans.

The next Prairie Game Expo is February 17, 2024, as long as the venue is confirmed. (We'll hear about that in a day or two.) I have turned the October 7 PGX on SaskGames into the February 10 PGX, keeping certain scheduled events on the new version. I've contacted some of the people who were showing off games and hope to confirm them for February 10 in the very near future.

We are sorry about October but hope you will join us in February.

I know February is a long way away but the help will be appreciated if you'd like to take a spot on the registration table and / or do a Learn-to-Play.




Chris and I are still good to run Lorcana at 12pm, we'll know later about Cascadia.


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QuoteChad what games were you looking to feature?

D&D for sure because we get asked about that a lot. Short, punchy session intended for newer players.

We've seen other systems at PGX before. We had A Quiet Year in April, for example. Pathfinder and Starfinder often make an appearance.