Prairie Game eXpo Volunteers Needed! (Saturday, February 17, 2024)

Started by Dana_Tillusz, September 05, 2023, 11:10:08 AM

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Prairie Game eXpo is made possible thanks to the help of volunteers. This thread is to help schedule volunteers running the Prairie Game eXpo.

All Volunteers will receive an extra opportunity to win for all the game prize draws.

Registration Table Schedule
Role: Welcoming attendees, making sure everyone signs the log book, answering questions.

10am - 11am: Jill
11am - 12pm: Johnny Thrust (John)
12pm - 1pm:  MikeMcC (Mike)
1pm - 2pm: Brad B
2pm - 3pm: CloudheadDuncan (Duncan)
3pm - 4pm:  Chad Boudreau
4pm - 5pm: Cheerful_Rooster (Laurie)
5pm on: Open doors. We ask that all ambassadors keep watch for people in need.

Learn to Play
Role: Teaching easy / accessible games to people. "Learn to Play" is a PGX initiative to help introduce new games to PGX attendees. We will have three time slots available. We would like one, perhaps two volunteers for each game in each time slot. Game teachers will teach a single game to groups of people over a two-hour block. Please contact us here if you're interested.

10-12 - Scout - Mike
12-2 - Lorcana - Lareina & Chris
12-2 - The Crew: Mission Deep Sea - TyGr
2-4 - Cartographers: Heroes - Marshall
2-4 - Cascadia - Lori
We are looking for teachers of the following games: Scout, Flamecraft, Cascadia, The Crew (any), and/or Cartographers.

Please let us know if you are able to lend a hand at Prairie Game eXpo. Please reply to this forum.




Chris and I are still good to run Lorcana at 12pm, we'll know later about Cascadia.


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QuoteChad what games were you looking to feature?

D&D for sure because we get asked about that a lot. Short, punchy session intended for newer players.

We've seen other systems at PGX before. We had A Quiet Year in April, for example. Pathfinder and Starfinder often make an appearance.


2023 is done! We are now working on scheduling for this February's (17th) PGX!

If you are available to work the door or demo games, please let us know here.


I'm up for teaching/demoing games. Either the ones I mentioned last time or new ones.
John is up for the 11-12pm table shift.
Let me know if you want to me to bring out a specific game: Game List


I'll man the registration table from 12pm-1pm.

I could do a Learn To Play from 10-12, but...
I see you have Blueprints scheduled for that time slot.... I've played it once a year or two ago... I could do that if necessary, or if we were open to shuffling the schedule a bit then I could do Scout or Flamecraft (slight preference for Scout).


Quote from: NeikeDjour on January 08, 2024, 04:32:48 PMI'm up for teaching/demoing games. Either the ones I mentioned last time or new ones.
John is up for the 11-12pm table shift.

Sorry, which games were those? Just slot in what works for you.